The company  Vinné sklepy s.r.o. (Wine cellars Kutná Hora Ltd.) was founded by Stanislav Rudolfský in 2002. Its mission isto restore the past glory and long-time tradition of vine cultivation in Kutná Hora region. The fi rst written mention about vine cultivation in Kutná Hora region can be found in the Chronicle of Bohemians written by Cosmas in 1101 in the story about Malin. It is one of the first written mention about wine-making in Europe in general. Wine-making in Kutná Hora region was mainly in the care of religious orders, for instance Cistercians, who settled in this area in 1142 and who among others began to grow a vine variety Pinot noir, which thrives here even after centuries.

At present we grow grapevine on the area of 54 ha restored by us on the original old vineyards U Všech svatých, Pod Barborou, Nad Kapličkou, Na Borku, Na Příčce and Jezuitská. Wine from this area can be distinguished by its minerality and spiciness that come from the bedrock rich in minerals. Our main varieties are Pinot Noir, Red Traminer, Saint Laurent and Pinot Gris.
Besides vineyards, we farm 30 ha of pastures, where we keep a large flock of sheep, 14 ha of arable land for growing basic cereal grain, 2 ha of vegetable fi elds and 6 ha of orchards.
We try to be independent on external influence, to be a farm that is able to support its employees, sells the surplus and by its activity helps the whole.

We grow grapevine and other products in optimal amount so we do not harm the environment. The way to healthy harvest  for us consists of increasing the natural soil vitality, varied flora and fauna, natural grass and preservation of groves instead of using modern chemical spraying. Our own manure and compost have an irreplaceable function. Our whole farm has a BIO certificate and owns a prestigious certificate for products from biodynamic agriculture DEMETER. Our farm is a living organism that is under non-material influence from which a wise farmer can benefit. The procedures are done according to the moon phase, we use biodynamic preparations, horn manure, horn silica, compost preparates, herb extracts, stinging nettles, horsetails, sage. Furthermore, we educate ourselves, visit our colleagues – wine growers and farmers and the more we get to know the more we admire the wisdom of our ancestors, who only had little, but never lacked common sense. Knowing the great work of Creation we would like to continue in their journey.

Wine production is very simple in our company. Grapes are processed as a whole cluster or are carefully freed from green stems. Afterwards the white grapes are moved to the press and after maceration pressed. We press under the max. pressure of 1,2 bar. The must is then tapped into the barrels or tanks, where the natural fermentation starts. We do not use any nutrition or artificial yeast, the fermentation is not regulated. The whole process is spontaneous, natural so the genuine soil and climatic conditon of given year refl ect in the wines.
After the fermentation the wine is pulled off the coarse yeast and is left in fine yeast, where is stirred (batonaged) at first twice a week and then once a week. Wines are filled in bottles with minimal amount of sulphur.
Blue grapes are freed from the green parts, afterwards the mash macerates for 2-10 weeks in mash tuns, where is manually stirred. After the time of maceration the mash is pressed, wine ripen in barrels for at least 8 months on fi ne yeast without the use of sulphur, wine is regularly stirred once a week.
Bottling is usually done without filtration, so that the wines preserve maximum health benefits.

Country wines,  quality wines, quality wines with attribute,
including straw wines, ice wines, seasonal fruit and vegetable.
Wine degustations, seating in the beautiful environment in Kutná Hora, Kuks and Jaroměř. Advise on vine-growing and grape protection.
Wine with your own label.
Gastronomy courses
that follow-up the schemes of schools of hotel administration, specialized courses for companies or private groups.
Uniting food with wine, excellent steaks, bio-dynamic lamb meat from our farm, regional cheese, sausages, bakery products.
Teambuilding for companies.
Educative viticulture cycle route that leads you from a picturesque square to the vineyards under the Sukov hill, which lies on the north edge of Kutná Hora. The 6 km long circuit connects historic town centre with vineyards.

Our vinery is located in Saint Ursuline convent, which has been built between 1733-1743 by the builder Kilian Ignac Diezenhofer.
The convent was meant to be a monumental building with polygonal ground plan with a central chapel in the middle. Unfotunately it was not the right time for such an imposing intention, they managed to build „only“ three wings of the building. The convent is a residence of Ursuline order, Church grammar school and our winery.
The convent cellars are used for wine ripening and as a museum of wine technology.
In the above-ground part we have a themed company shop, small degustatiroom and a large degustation hall, so called refectorium, where we organize degustation events, company events, weddings, concerts.
In st. Ursuline convent you can refresh yourself with regional products, taste the fruit of our work. Opening hours are from Monday to Saturday. Come, we will be glad to welcome you here.



Vinné sklepy Kutná Hora, s.r.o.


Jiřího z Poděbrad 288
284 01 Kutná Hora

+420 736 536 489+420 736 536 488

Provozní doba:
Po – Pá 10.00 – 18.00 h.
So 10.00 – 15.00 h.
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